Rhodee Fundraiser [Thank You]


[Corrie Mark Gallant Aniol]

I just want to thank everyone that helped/donated and came out last night to this amazing event. We are so happy and thankful. Thank you to Club NV for donating your club/employees and finding us an amazing band. You guys Rock!!! Speaking of rocking. Colour Quest you guys are awesome and we appreciate it so much for coming out. You definitely have new fans that want tosee you again. I am so proud of the love of my life. I can’t say enough how lucky i am to have you. You worked so hard to get all these great prizes and make this benefit happen. You are such a kind good hearted person. Now i would like to congratulate the big winner of the West Jet Flight. Scott Aniol. We hope you have a great trip. ;). And of course to Marco and Marconi’s. You cleaned up and you deserve it. You do a lot of good for this city and donated a lot of money last night. Can’t thank you enough. We love coming to your resteraunt, you make everyone feel like family! Okay are you ready for this? With all your help we raised $8233.00. That’s right $8233.00. We are so happy. :). Thank You Thank You Thank You.

Mark & Corrie. Xoxo

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