Rhodee Charity Event


We are performing at a charity event on June 9 for
Rhodee who is 1year old has been all over the news in texas. Rhode developed a tumor in his chest that is inoperable. It is suffocating all of his major organs. His heart, lungs, trachea, esophagus, carotid artery, veins, arteries, and left chest wall. He is having to go every 2 weeks for radiation treatments. He is absolutely a beautiful blue eyed little baby that doesn’t deserve to go through any of this. There are people in texas that are helping to raise money to pay for his treatments. There is even an amazing (angle) woman who has never met Rhodee and is raising money running across Texas to meet him for the vary first time.

I feel like we have a opportunity to try to help out from this end. We are going to try to get the family together to create an event very soon because Rhodees tumor has grown and its already so large he’s having a hard time breathing and sleeping. If he can get the radiation treatments he needs every two weeks the tumor can shrink and he will have a chance to have the operation he needs.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this. If you can pass along info to friends or family to spread the word that Rhodee needs our support that would be great!

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